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I think I need a day to sleep and eat chocolate and have gentle light coming softly through curtains and wear comfy clothes and chill in a comfy bed and have lots of quiet with occasional birdsong and take a nice hot bath and drink smoothies.

Some Things Jesus Never Said

"I hate homosexuals."

"Poor people are bad and should just stop being poor."

"If you follow me, you’ll receive health and wealth."

"You are only allowed to be happy- never upset."

"You can’t follow me and also struggle with depression."

"Fetuses have souls."

"You will only be fulfilled if you have children."

"Have as many children as possible."

"Women are worth less than men."

"Women shouldn’t speak in church."

"Women belong in the kitchen."

"Crying isn’t ‘manly’."

“‘Manliness’ is the primary ideal to which males should strive.”

“‘Femininity’ is the primary ideal to which females should strive.”

"Legal marriage is the line which determines when you can have sex."

"You are worth less if you have sex."

"The man is the head of the household."

"Your ethnicity determines your worth."

"Slavery is fine."

Bonus: Paul never claimed to be speaking the words of God. He never said his letters were Scripture. He supported slavery. I’m not about to let him dictate gender roles.

Two and a half weeks until I move in to the new apartment and finally get to arrange and decorate and organize. Before then, we need to find renter’s insurance, figure out how much it will cost to get the water turned on, organize our various bills, and continue wedding planning. I’m starting to feel like changing my name will be the last thing on my list of things to do and it might be a while before that actually happens because screw weddings, I just wanted to elope. :P

I have this one friend who is absolutely fabulous. The new Marilyn Monroe. Gorgeous, blonde, blue-eyed, stylish, sassy, intelligent, generally awesome. She doesn’t get very emotional. She tells it like it is, and has fun, and cares about people. Currently almost dating a guy who lives rather far away, which she says is probably a good thing, because she can’t stand clingy guys, and has some commitment issues. People think she’s a diamonds girl, which I guess makes sense given her affinity to Marilyn, but she’d prefer morganite and rose gold. 

Her dad left her family about a year ago. He had a mid-life crisis, apparently, although he refuses to recognize it as such. Walked out and hasn’t bothered to try to see his daughter since Christmas. 

"How can he do that?" she asks no one in particular, and this non-emotional girl has fire and agony and questions and loss in her eyes, pooling like tears. "How can he do that to us? To his own kids? How can he do that?"

I am so stunned, I don’t know what to say. I want to cry for her. This amazing girl, who is trying so hard to navigate life with a father who suddenly decided to become a different person, to walk away from his faith and abandon his family, shocked to find that his children were negatively affected by his actions. How can he do that? How, how, how could he do that to them? I don’t understand. I want to crush out his existence and the pain he is causing. I want to hold my friend and let her know that she can cry, I want her to be strong and incredible and more fabulous than Marilyn Monroe, even in the midst of this. I know she will be. And I will cry for her.

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